Collecting COVID-19 | Anthropological Responses

How does the current Coronavirus pandemic affect people across the world? This website aims to be a repository of documentation evidencing the experience of COVID-19, with a particular focus on the role of digital technologies in responding to the crisis. It is sourced from students, researchers, healthcare workers, and indeed anyone who wishes to participate.

This resource can be used by anyone wishing to understand how people are using and repurposing social media, digital data and digital infrastructures, to respond to the rupture and reorganisation of everyday life during the current pandemic.

We are interested in documenting the new forms of work, education, healthcare, art, culture, exercise, self-care, family life, friendship, political organising, travel, and anything else that you think is important. We hope to use this archive as a platform to think across different experiences, in order to gain insight into how people are adapting their everyday lives, and how this will change over time. Please submit your contributions here.

The site will also archive responses to the Anthropological Responses to COVID-19 project. This initiative will bring together anthropological research on six key topics with each topic allocated a specific fortnight. For details of this project, visit the Anthropological Responses page. To participate in this project, please contact

This platform has been organised by the Centre for Digital Anthropology at UCL (see the About page for further information). Thank you for your time and contribution, and we hope that this site becomes a way to connect across our different experiences at this difficult time.